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Havana will guarantee return to their territories stranded by the pandemic


Although in order to avoid the transmission of COVID-19 interprovincial transportation is suspended, by decision of the Provincial Defense Council (CDP) of Havana, the return to their territories of residence of people who need it and are stranded will be sought. in the capital due to the epidemic.

José Conesa González, coordinator of the Industry and Transportation Program of the local government, declared to the press that, together with the Ministries of Transportation and Public Health, this operation will be carried out in a gradual or staggered manner, with a view to which through the Offices of Attention to the population, of the Popular Power in each municipality, contacts with those affected to specify their situation.

He pointed out that in such dependencies there are the lists and contacts of these people, just over 9,800, a considerable number whose return to their respective provinces must be well organized because, in addition to informing them of the day and time they will travel, they will all be They will do the PCR previously as an essential requirement to enter their territories as long as it tests negative.

For this reason, he said, the polyclinic chosen for that purpose in each locality by the municipal directorates of Public Health will be indicated.

He announced that it will be negotiated with the corresponding governments that when the buses return to the capital, the return of Havanans stranded due to the epidemic is organized in them.

Conesa González also underlined the CDP’s willingness to authorize, on an exceptional basis, those who have their own transportation and urgently need to do so due to the death or seriousness of a sick relative, or a personal problem, to travel to another province.

The measure is extended to state entities that for work reasons are urged to send an official to other territories of the country, always with the approval of the agency or the Superior Organization of Business Management (OSDE) to which they belong.

Given the urgency of the trip, in both cases the PCR will not be required but those affected must present themselves before 24 hours at the Transportation Procedures Unit, located in Boyeros and Santa Ana, to seek the corresponding authorization.

The coordinator of the government’s Industry and Transportation Program in Havana specified that this office is open every day of the week, and in exceptional cases through a Management Post, urgent requests are attended at night and early in the morning.

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