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About us

The Business Group of Automotive Transport Services, hereinafter GEA, pursues as fundamental objectives to organize companies that provide cargo, passage and auxiliary and related services in correspondence with state interests, making management processes more flexible to achieve promptness in the solving problems and strengthening control. The management of the business group is governed in accordance with the provisions of Decree Law No. 252 and Decree No. 281, noted and agreed in May 2018 on the continuity and strengthening of the Business Management and Administration System and also in Decree No. 335 of the Cuban State Business System and the general norms established in the laws and their complementary provisions. Consequently, the cadres, officials and other workers, act within the limits of their respective competences and have the obligation to strictly observe socialist legality and ensure respect for it.


By Resolution No. 49 of the year 2009 of the Minister of Economy and Planning authorizes to create a business group with the name of Logistics Business Group of Containers, in short GELCONT, to direct, coordinate, control, supervise and evaluate the results, productive , technical, economic, financial, commercial and human resources of the entities that comprise it, with a high specialization in container logistics and the operation of other cargoes.

In 2013, by means of Resolution No 649/2013 of the Minister of Economy and Planning, the reorganization of the GELCONT group and the companies that comprise it was authorized and its name was changed to the Business Group of Automotive Transport Services, GEA, which was gradually They are integrating companies and commercial companies until they are currently constituted by a central office and integrated by 17 companies and two one hundred percent Cuban commercial companies.

By Resolution No. 264 of 2017 of the MEP, this group is authorized to be attended by the Minister of Transport based on the structural, functional and compositional improvement of said body.


The Business Group of Automotive Transport Services of the Republic of Cuba, fully and competitively manages an automotive transport value chain, made up of highly specialized companies that provide passenger and cargo transport services to natural and legal persons, for the which have a modern vehicle fleet and a physical infrastructure distributed throughout the national territory; exploited by a human capital of excellence; which endorses the highest standards in business management.


The Business Group of Automotive Transport Services has as its vision:

VISION 2020: “We are the GEA, Business Group of Automotive Transport Services perfected” (1st Stage)

VISION 2025: “We are the GEA, Business Group of consolidated Automotive Transport Services” (2nd Stage)

VISION 2030: “We are the GEA, World-class Automotive Transportation Services Business Group” (3rd Stage)


OBJECTIVE No.1: Achieve the levels of business efficiency demanded in the load balance.

OBJECTIVE No.2: Achieve the levels of business efficiency demanded in the passenger balance.

OBJECTIVE No.3: Refine the Maintenance Management System in GEA entities.

OBJECTIVE No.4: Refine the Workshop Management System.

OBJECTIVE No.5: Improve the organization of the GEA Transport Logistics System.

OBJECTIVE No.6: Increase the efficiency and control in the use of energy carriers.

OBJECTIVE No.7: Raise business efficiency levels from the computerization of the main processes.

OBJECTIVE No.8: Contribute to the quality of the passenger transportation service and the well-being of the population from the Business Communication System.

OBJECTIVE No.9: Refine the actions established through internal control and preventive methods that allow dealing with the occurrence of criminal acts, corruption and illegalities, as well as their detection through our system.

OBJECTIVE No.10: Contribute to the increase in the productivity of work by improving the efficiency and competitiveness of the human capital of the group companies.

OBJECTIVE No.11: Objective completion of cadres and reservations, ensuring adequate preparation to ensure access to charges comes from the reservation.

OBJECTIVE No.12: Ensure the strengthening of the State Socialist Company