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Economic ordering: rates of Taxis Cuba

As part of the tasks of reordering the Cuban economy, the Taxis Cuba company modified some of its rates according to the type of vehicle and the modality.

However, services such as Metrotaxi (“gazelles”) and EcoTaxi (ecological tricycles) in Havana, will maintain the same operating scheme by sections, with the same prices, that is: 5.00 CUP (Cuban pesos) per section in the case of the “gazelles”, and 4.00 CUP in the case of EcoTaxi.

In the provincial capitals of the country, the prices of the service of tricycles or mototaxis, as they are also known, are also maintained, that is, 1.00 CUP per kilometer per passenger.

According to the monetary system, for the high comfort service in a standard car, the following rates were established:
– transfers up to 50 km: 17 CUP per kilometer
– transfers of more than 50 km: 14 CUP per kilometer
– airport services up to 30 km: 600 CUP
– Airport services from 30 to 50 km: 20 CUP per kilometer.

In the case of hourly rental of standard cars, it is available by kilometers: 17.00 CUP, or by time: 250.00 CUP per hour.

Taxis Cuba joins the monetary and exchange unification that is advancing in Cuba, a complex process that implies wide-ranging modifications in various economic-financial aspects, which are also irremediably necessary to see its first results, explained specialist Ricardo Torres, from Center for Studies of the Cuban Economy in statements to Prensa Latina.

At the end of 2020, Taxis Cuba is preparing for the possible impacts that monetary unification will generate, with the commitment to work to continue contributing to the national economy.

*** If you require additional information in relation to the rates of the Taxis Cuba company, contact us through the email or visit their website

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