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Havana is already in the first phase!

LHA 23 y L

Many think that the decision was rushed, that Havana was not ready to enter the first phase of recovery after COVID-19; However, the favorable behavior of the indicators, the result of the joint actions of all the authorities of the territory and the disciplined compliance of the majority to the measures issued, guaranteed that this Friday, July 3, the capital of all Cubans is already on the way to the restoration of normality and with it, that of the country.

Having been the last province to arrive at this period certainly speaks of the complexities of a city with a high population density, where its social and commercial dynamics endow it with great mobility, as it also has a high number of population records. floating. Therefore, efforts, time and resources for the organization and performance of the work were not measured, which day after day, from the Provincial Defense Council, placed a magnifying glass on every span of capital life.

Taking as a center the epidemiological situation of the city derived from the SARS-CoV-2 event, the analyzes covered daily the behavior of the assurances related to medicines, transportation, water supply, energy consumption and food coverage; That body has directed, the Provincial Defense Council, with the presidency of Luis Antonio Torres Iríbar and the vice-presidency of Reinaldo García Zapata, each of the neuralgic processes that have led us here.

But it is important to close the path to overconfidence, to be clear about what this arrival to the recovery phase really means: just one more step on the steep slope to climb until the complete elimination of the virus causing COVID-19, which, as everyone already knows, depends to a great extent on personal efforts, on individual responsibility, on assuming from the deepest conscience the need to comply with all hygiene-health protection measures, even now more than ever, when Many of the services and spaces that were kept closed reopen their doors.

Havana: we are closer, we can only go forward; you can!

Source: Tribuna Newspaper of Havana

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