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National bus terminals look better in the new normal Text and Photos: Daniella Pérez Muñoa/November 13, 2020 / ACN (Cuban News Agency)

Havana, Nov 13 (ACN) Since the end of March, all the terminals of the National Bus Company (EON) have carried out improvements in the facilities, or investment processes that will ensure the quality of service to the population once interprovincial transportation has been restarted . Thus, Boris Gabriel Pérez Betancourt, institutional communicator of the entity, announced exclusively to the Cuban News Agency, who stressed that in the face of the new normality, physical distancing at the terminals and compliance with protection measures have been prioritized. In almost all the basic business units (UEB) of the country, the external areas were renovated, the benches and other equipment were fixed, with a view to increasing comfort, and a breech “pool” was built to disinfect the tires upon arrival. or leave the bus for a trip, said Pérez Betancourt. During the previous months of confrontation with COVID-19, the workshops worked on the rescue of the vehicle fleet, and in this sense, more than 20 buses Paralyzed by engine breakdowns or lack of tires were repaired. The EON communicator made reference to the arduous investment and redesign process carried out in the Central Station, in Havana, which included the signage of the areas, the creation of an additional hall in the corridor, with new benches covered by wood polished, and the extension of the so-called White Hall. This ensures greater ventilation in an area that was previously closed and that reported a considerable consumption of electrical energy, the interviewee said. Given the complaint of students and other travelers, it was decided in the newly installed banks to include power outlets to charge mobile phones and other electronic devices. On the other hand, organizational measures were adopted in order to shorten the stay of people in the terminal, so the waiting list was eliminated, and now the luggage is delivered directly to the passenger on the platform at the arrival of the routes. Vivian Pérez Caballero, a doctor at the terminal’s medical post, explained to the ACN that as part of the protocol to follow if a patient is suspected of COVID-19, an epidemiological survey is carried out and is isolated.

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