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The Cuban Workers’ Center delivers the Labor Prowess Flag to the National Bus Company of the OSDE GEA.

Today the recognition granted by the Central de Trabajadores de Cuba to the National Omnibus Company was delivered, for making possible with its daily effort and discipline the timely transfer of workers and passengers, for responsibly developing its contribution to the confrontation with COVID-19 , facts that make it worthy of receiving the Proeza Laboral flag. Chaired by Mercedes López Acea, member of the Political Bureau of the PCC, Eduardo Rodríguez Dávila, Minister of Transport; Fermín Umpierre Iraola, National Secretary of the Transport and Port Workers’ Union, as well as executives of the GEA and the company. A representation of the different union sections of the entity were present at the meeting and received with great joy and enthusiasm the recognition of the sacrifice made. The event began with the call to Attend everyone and the entrance of our flag escorted by members of the Ceremonies Battalion of the glorious Revolutionary Armed Forces. In the words of Fermín Umpierre Iraola. National Secretary of the Union of Transport and Port Workers. Eduardo Rodríguez Dávila, Minister of Transport and Oscar Alberto Carbajal Serrano, General Director of the National Omnibus Company, we were able to hear the arguments by which the CTC grants said condition, in the middle of the fight against Covid-19, where the services of the EON were affected and others were redirected.

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