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The “somaton” started “half machine”

ERTA Planta de revisión

The Automotive Technical Review Company (ERTA) offers one of the services of the Ministry of Transport that began in this first phase of post-COVID-19 recovery. From the 25th of this month, the plants, known as “somatón”, began to provide services to customers throughout the country, except Havana.

At first, to avoid crowds, they will work at half their capacity, and online reservations, started in the first quarter of this year, will be encouraged. In this way, all clients, state and private, who register with a new user on the ERTA system platform (, can take the day shift via internet, from any device, and the time they agree.

In the case of payments, bank transfers will be accepted as a way to avoid concentration of people in the Commercial Departments of these plants, while for non-state customers we work on the payment process through the Transfermóvil gateway.

In the case of clients with the overdue revision, as provided in the measures at the beginning of the pandemic, its validity will be extended until three months after the restart of the service.


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