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Three MOTOR CENTRO workshops in the outpost

The MOTOR CENTRO company has enabled three workshops for the service of mechanics, electricity and machining to natural persons. In this case there are: Industrial Base Business Unit (UEB) and the Hyundai and Citroën workshops, all located in Havana. According to the entity’s general director, Tomás García Gutiérrez, UEB Industrial, better known as Naranjito, provides mechanical and electrical services to heavy vehicles. As well
It offers general machining services and the elaboration of mechanical parts: screws, nuts, bushings and a rectification service and integral repair of engines.
For its part, the Hyundai will serve the vehicles of this brand once they can have the parts for these media. However, they perform directional screening and light alignment, as well as specialized diagnostic services to any type of light vehicle. At Citroën, mechanical and electrical services will be offered. “Although it is enabled, it is not working, because
There are no resources, ”he asserted, adding that in the event that customers have the parts, they are offered the labor service for their installation in any of the three workshops.
Tomás clarified that the collection rate in USD will only be for the parts and resources that are used; while labor will be in national currency. “The agreed rates for labor are well below those applied by individuals,” he said. Parts are required for the full operation of the workshops and according to the general manager, to the extent that they achieve their purchase, the total objective of this project can be materialized.
The company has 14 workshops located in Havana, Villa Clara, Ciego de Ávila, Camagüey, Holguín and Santiago de Cuba and according to the general director of MOTOR CENTRO, the rest of the entities will join in to perform these services later.

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