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Ticket Sales Companies and Professional Technical Services

Infanta No. 1115 e/ Benjumeda y Santo Tomas, Centro Habana, La Habana, Cuba.
Phones: (+53) 7 873-5338 | 7 873-5647

Corporate Purpose: Provide agency booking and ticket sales services for all means of transportation.

Mission: Commercialization of tickets in the national territory for sea and land transportation, offering the client an excellent service that meets their needs, contributing to the well-being of our society.

Vision: To be an organization of excellence in ticket marketing services.

Marino s/n e/ Santa Ana y Talleres, Plaza de la Revolución, La Habana, Cuba
Phone: (+53) 7 883-9456

Corporate Purpose:
Provide driver preparation services for obtaining driver’s licenses in all its categories.
Provide psychometric testing and requalification services to professional drivers.

Mission: To provide preparation services for aspiring drivers with high professionalism and to teach requalification to professional drivers.

Vision: Excellently meets the preparation needs of aspiring drivers and requalification courses for professional drivers.

Bellavista No. 682 e/ Lombillo y Colón, Plaza de la Revolución, La Habana, Cuba.
Phone: (+53) 7 883-4161

Corporate Purpose: To commercialize non-food products, both imported and acquired in the national territory, on a wholesale basis.

Mission: AXESS, Empresa Comercializadora Gran Nacional, logistics operator par excellence in the automotive transport sub-sector in Cuba, combines the facilities of the wide geographical distribution of its network of stores and warehouses with the experience and professionalism of its human capital, to provide to its clients a comprehensive offer of logistics services in accordance with international standards and in harmony with the environment.



“We are AXESS; Logistics Operator of the GEA System in particular, and of the automotive transport subsector in general ”


“We are AXESS; Specialized Comprehensive Logistics Operator for the GEA System in particular, and the automotive transport subsector in general ”


“We are AXESS; World Class Specialized Comprehensive Logistics Operator, with a logistics platform integrated by INTERNET.

Neptuno No. 358 e/ Galiano y San Nicolás, Centro Habana, La Habana, Cuba.
Phones: (+53) 7 862-4680 | 7 860-2677

Corporate Purpose: Provide information and computer services. Market materials, equipment and office furniture as well as provide installation and assembly services.

Mission: To provide Information and Communication Technology and Office Technology services that meet the needs and expectations of our clients, with professionalism, personalized and efficiency, that also generate spiritual wealth and are distinguished by added value and continuous improvement.

Vision: We are a leader in the field of ICT marketing and services with a philosophy of quality and a recognized social responsibility, which is manifested in the behavior of its workers in accordance with our business values: professionalism, teamwork and service culture.

Calle 5, esq. 2 Numero 100, Vedado, La Habana, Cuba
Phone: (+53) 7 835-4270

Corporate Purpose: To operate and market communications and electronics systems and equipment, workstations of the fleet management system, on-board computers, antennas and other accessories related to the technical services it provides.

Mission: To provide solutions of excellence in the communications and electronics sector that guarantee our clients the satisfaction of their needs.

Vision: To become a leading company in advanced telecommunications technologies, leader in the transport branch and in other sectors of the country’s economy.

Ave Independencia No. 867 e/ Santa Ana y Ayestarán, Plaza de la Revolución, La Habana, Cuba
Phone: (+53) 7 870-5748

Corporate Purpose:
To offer design and consulting services for architectural and engineering works in all specialties of construction, weak and mechanical currents, as well as optional management services for integrated project management works.
Provide assembly, installation, repair and maintenance services of air conditioning, refrigeration, elevators, compressed air, weak current, electrical, security and protection media and techniques and protection against atmospheric discharges.

Mission: It is the Engineering company that provides professional design, engineering and consulting services with high quality for the Transport sector and third parties.

Vision: TRANSPROY aspires to be the leading MITRANS Engineering company in the development of high-impact professional services and which has a highly qualified group, providing excellent services.

Infanta No. 1106 e/ Benjumeda y Santo Tomás, Centro Habana, La Habana, Cuba
Phones: (+53) 7 879-2036 | 7 877-6525 (ext.103)

Corporate Purpose: To produce, assemble and market supports and articles for visual communication. Provide design services for visual, audiovisual and photography communication in the field of advertising and publicity. Provide graphic services in all its forms.

Mission: Provide services for visual communication, with high creativity, quality and professionalism to achieve the satisfaction of our clients.

Vision: To be a recognized and outstanding organization in all visual communication.


Calle 17 e/ 190 y 194, Playa, La Habana, Cuba
Phones: (+53) 5 216-6620 | Comerciales: 5 216-1230 y 5 999-2452


Corporate Purpose: Participate in the constitution of economic associations in Cuba and abroad, dedicated to the provision of transportation services, as well as auxiliary and related services.