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Traveling, from anywhere and without queues. Source: Juventud Rebelde newspaper. Published: Saturday 07 November 2020 | 08:14:27 pm.

Last July, with the resumption of interprovincial transportation in most of the country’s territories after the pause imposed by COVID-19, an electronic commerce application became an affordable option for more than 133,695 people who have not had than going to a ticket reservation agency Jenny Janet Heredia has not returned to a ticket reservation agency in Villa Clara since a friend recommended that she use the Viajando application. Once he installed it on the phone, he has bought tickets not only for her, but also for relatives and close people who do not have it on their mobile. “It is very practical, because I like to travel to other provinces and now I can, in the comfort of my home and avoiding long lines, buy a ticket to any destination and even select the seat in which I want to travel,” she. According to Natacha Reyes, from Las Tunas, the best thing about the application is that it offers several travel options and on different routes. «I have used it to go to Holguín and Santiago de Cuba on more than one occasion. When the connection is good the process is optimal. Another positive aspect is that it increases transparency in marketing, because the user knows in advance the availability of existing tickets. Héctor González, from the City of Parks, began using the application shortly after its presentation on the Apklis platform, when only the existing capacities of the national transportation buses and information on the different travel agencies for the purchase of tickets in the country. «Then the introduction of the reservation option was well accepted by making it easier for many of us to buy tickets from anywhere and at any time. It is a very positive advantage and more at this time when we must maintain physical distance to prevent the contagion of the COVID-19, “he says. For his part, Yasniel Martínez, from Ciego de Ávila, considers that «the application is very optimal for workers, who now have the facility to book their passage, without having to” leave “their workplace to queue as happened in many occasions ». Since last July, with the resumption of interprovincial transportation in most of the territories, after the pause imposed by COVID-19, Traveling has become an affordable option for Cubans by eliminating long lines at the entrance of agencies, enhance physical distancing, enable the online purchase of passage by third parties; all quickly and for free. To date 133 695 people have purchased their ticket using the benefits of this application, which also allows to know the real availability of tickets for buses, trains and catamarans, since the information presented in Traveling matches that which is owned and sold in agencies. With the end of the confinement measures in Havana – the most coveted origin and destination – the city was added to the list of available routes. Many were quick to predict the collapse of Traveling, but currently with its latest updated version: 5.1.1, the e-commerce application works without major hiccups. A viable option, but … Other opinions of users consulted by this newspaper also denote acceptance of the product and refer that it is comfortable and reliable. However, there are still questions and concerns, which for the management team of the application are due to little knowledge of it and the process ticular that includes the sale of tickets. Nelson Hernández, from Camagüey, said that when train and bus seats have been exhausted, the application has stopped him on his mobile device more than once. While Alberto Zayas, from las Tunas, asks that when selling sections in buses that are born in other provinces, the application shows the exact time the bus passes through the section’s terminal, since the one that is consigned is the departure of origin, and this has caused disappointment. Gretel Gómez, from Santiago de Cuba, had given up using the application, because she had been trying to buy a ticket for Granma for days and when she completed all the required procedure, and only the payment by Transfermóvil remained, a notification emerged on the phone saying that the requested operation could not be performed. When he finally contacted officials from the Transport Information Services Company (Sitrans) through digital social networks, they clarified him, arguing that they were problems with banking services. «In Viajando, different organizations intervene and interrelate: Etecsa, the Viajero company, the Central Bank of Cuba and its branches, the National Omnibus Company and Sitrans; the latter is where the programming team and the control panel reside. But the process of selling tickets is joint, warns Lester Suri, IT director of the

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